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Aircraft Charter Brokerage

Tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest

To refer to ourselves as a luxury taxi service might not necessarily cast us in the best light, but it serves to demonstrate how easy it is to whisk you where you want to go, at the time and date of your choice, in the kind of aircraft you choose.
Commercial charters are an important and growing part of the private aviation sector, and we like to think we’re at the cutting edge of the business.

We employ the latest industry software to monitor the movements and availability of hundreds of charter aircraft around the globe and are able to negotiate the best possible deals. In many cases we can take advantage of ‘Empty Leg’ charters, where a plane might be flying without passengers having dropped them at their destination. We’re not saying we can compete on price with the budget airlines, but we know our services can be extremely cost-effective. Take for example, a group of executives who need to attend a meeting in a European city. The use of scheduled flights can involve a round trip of several days. In contrast a private charter can whisk them to their destination on the day and time of their choosing, and have them back the same day – as we all know in business time is money.

And it’s not just about business. Private charters are becoming more and more in vogue for international sporting and cultural events, festivals etc. The Private Jet Company can source aircraft of different sizes and configurations to meet your party’s needs, and organise flight schedules to suit.

Organising a charter can be easier than booking a scheduled flight ticket. Simply give us a call, tell us where you want to go and when, and how many travellers are in your party. By the end of the same day we will provide you with a selection of different aircraft at different prices for you to consider – one call does it all.

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