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Travelling home with your pets from EU countries has never been easier.

International travel with pets has always been a bit of a headache – often stressful for both us and for our beloved animals. Strict regulations control the movement of pets from outside the British Isles back into the country, in order to keep out devastating diseases such as rabies. The good news now though is that under the terms of a new agreement with the Isle of Man Government’s Veterinary Service, the onerous regulatory regime has been simplified.

Previously all incoming flights from a EU country carrying a pet would have to touch down at a UK airport en route to the Island, in order to meet strict animal health entry regulations. Now though, under the terms of the new agreement, in many cases that is no longer a requirement. The Private Jet Company can arrange all the required documentation to enable flights to proceed from most EU destinations to the Island, without the need to stop off in the UK.

It’s a major step forward for families and individuals who don’t want to be parted from their pets when they spend time elsewhere in the EU. There are, however some exceptions and terms and conditions apply. To find out more, speak to one of our friendly team at the Private Jet Company.

There are currently no restrictions governing the movement of pets from the Isle of Man.

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