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Sales and Management

Business Aircraft ownership allows you to take control of the time you spend on travel. Executive business transport has become an essential tool for improved company productivity. The business aircraft gives time back which would be otherwise lost to crowded airports, commercial aircraft schedules and missed connections.

The Private Jet Company has been involved for many years with buying and selling aircraft. We have the in-house expertise to cover all the complexities from the initial deposits and legal contracts to inspection, delivery and importation.

One of the most important factors of being based on the Isle of Man in respect to Aircraft Sales is the huge benefits the Island has to offer for the purchase of brand new aircraft. The fact that the importation can be carried out here and the VAT benefits which is one of the best in Europe means that the Isle of Man is a very attractive place to purchase new business jets.

Why buy your aircraft on the Isle of Man?

  • Potential to purchase aircraft with offshore funds without the necessity of repatriating funds into an onshore jurisdiction where they may suffer a tax liability.
  • Provided that the structure of buying the aircraft business is limited to aircraft ownership there will be zero Isle of Man tax to pay on aviation transaction.
  • The IOM Customs office can process your free passage application within a few days and can supply you with the correct documentation for unrestricted travel within Europe.

The Private Jet Company can help you choose the right aircraft for your requirements. We will talk through your itinerary and we will locate the best aircraft for you.

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